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Election Update..

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                        INLS  Election Updates  

INLS election of Executive Board will be held on June 18 through June 20,
2012.The INLS will elect President, Senior Vice President, four Regional Vice
Presidents, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer for the term 2012-2014.
The amended due dates for claim and withdrawal and final Nominees’ list
publication are incorporated in Election
timeline below. Please visit for further details about the
election process.

Election Timeline

May 1-Call for Nomination

May 14-Last day to become a
voting member

May 15- Nomination filing

May 18- Voter list publication and nominees’ list

May 24- Claim and withdrawal deadline

May 25- Final nominees’ list publication

June 15- Electioneering
campaign deadline

June 16- June 17 - Electronic ballot mailing

June 18- June 20 Voting period

June 21- Election result announcement

14- INLS 20th General Assembly Meeting/Bhanu Jayanti  - New HQ board takes
charge; Elected EC officers will nominate other members and make plan for
2010-2012 then present to INLS General Assembly for approval of Present EC,
BOT, Election committee and whole assembly.

As always, thank you for your
continued support!


H.B. Bhandari, Maryland (USA) – Chief Election Commissioner

Bimal Nepal, Florida (USA) – Member

Dhaniram  Sapkota, New York (USA) - Member

Prakash Nepal, Tokyo (Japan) - Member

Uma Subedi, Kathmandu (Nepal) - Member


Prof. Mohan Sitaula Texas (USA)

Dr. Bheem Kattel Maryland (USA)

Mr. Khem Bhattachan Washington D.C (USA)





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